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Social Media Managed

Ready to build a loyal fan base who is excited to hear from you? Great! We are Spry; a group of experienced digital strategists and social media marketers who want you to succeed beyond your wildest dreams. We start by focusing your brand voice, and build a content strategy unique to you and your business goals.

Spry started in 2011 and continues to use our understanding of the digital landscape and business strategy to build campaigns, projects and educational content with our customers in mind.

Oh.  And we’re awesome.  Just like you.


Need a detailed and focused eye on your digital marketing, social media or SEO project? Rachel is your person! She is a project manager at heart, driving technical and complex projects home.


Excellent writer, party planner, and pun master; Amber makes projects efficient and campaigns engaging. She digs in to get her digital merketing clients the best results possible!


Adventurer and creative thinker, Adrienne has a background in user experience, storytelling and project management.  She has a Masters in Digital Media and is an adjunct professor at SPSCC.  


Lacey, our inspired leader and Spry CEO, has a dance move for every moment and constantly thinks about making the best experience for our digital marketing clients.  

What can Spry do for you?

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media Consulting
  • Branded Content Direction
  • Custom Consulting and Training