Social Media Management

Washington State Association of Counties (WSAC) Social Media Management

The Washington State Association of Counties came to Spry with a big request: their current social media content, written by subject matter experts, was difficult for the general public to get on board with and they were struggling with engagement. They asked Spry to come up with ideas to engage both county government experts, and general public on what local government is up to.

Strategies We Used

Persona meeting: We always conduct a persona analysis with every client! We do this to find out if there are different audiences that we need to keep tabs on, whether or not we are truly talking to the right audience or not, and to make more precise content.

Channel analysis: Pinpoint which audiences are on which channels and create content that is specific to that channel!

Content Planning Meetings: Meet with the client once every quarter to learn about new campaigns, events, and themes that they want to promote.

Presence Management: Engage with visitors on the page when they comment!


A 200+% increase in engagement in February alone on Twitter in February 2019.

A 40% follower growth rate from when Spry started managing Facebook, up from a 14% growth rate during the same time period a year prior. 

Quickly raised engagement: Engagement rates rose up to 7% this past spring for Facebook, with other channels up as well. Prior to Spry, engagement rates were around 1%.


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