These Are A Few Of Our Favorite Links

Spry’s Favorite Resources and a Song Parody or Two

(to the tune of ‘These are a few of my favorite things’)

“Number one rankings.

100 shares on Facebook.

Instagram engagement.

Cohesive content planning.

Stay up to date with digital marketing things.

Here are a few of our favorite links.”

Digital marketing is a medium where the only consistency you can count on is that nothing is ever consistent.

Algorithms change.  Features are added, removed, replaced.

How can anyone fully take advantage of the Internet and keep up with the dynamic nature of the digital marketing environment?

Stay informed!

Spry takes being informed very seriously.  Seriously enough that we opened this blog post with a song parody from The Sound of Music….?  So maybe seriously is the wrong word.

Spry LOVES to be informed, and then to take that information and put it to use!  Those are “a few of our faaav-o-rite things…!”

Instagram Stories?!  Let’s start testing them!  Algorithm changes?  Time to start learning from the studies!

Want to join us in our quest for complete comprehension of digital marketing trends?  Below is a list of a few resources we use to edumucate ourselves.  Take a look!

  • Moz
    • Moz is a company selling SEO tools. Our love for them, however, stems from their focus on SEO education. FREE SEO education.  Perouse their resources HERE.  (On a personal note, we’ve seen Rand Fishkin, co-founder of Moz and self-proclaimed “Wizard of Moz,” in person at a convention, and he has a personality as awesome as his manicured handle bar mustache!)
  • Search Engine Land
    • Search Engine Land is where we go for all things TECHNICAL. When we see rankings shift, we go to Search Engine Land to learn about new Google Algorithm updates and how to best respond to them.  When we’re wrapping our head around how the search engines think, we come here to study the details from professionals who live and breathe the impact of algorithmic component shifts. Sound confusing?  No worries.  Search Engine Land’s Google Section will help clear everything up.
  • CoSchedule
    • CoSchedule resources… we believe they are some of the most useful, visually appealing, well-organized pieces of content available for professional and amateur digital marketers alike. Nicole, our COO and Lead Digital Marketing Strategist, says the resources on CoSchedule inspire her to bring her big picture ideas into easy to manage steps.  From a guide to the correct sizing for all social media image types, to the “Writing for Social Media” bundle, CoSchedule resources will prove useful for all-sized businesses looking to establish a strategic, forward-thinking social media presence.

Why are you still here?  Go start learning from these great resources!

…Before we start a parody of “Do-Re-Mi.”

“Post. A Post. A Facebook Post.

You. Can make one every daaaay!

Meme. A pic, with words on it.

Spry. A team that loves to shaaaaaaaaare!”

From the team at Spry, have a great day and enjoy learning!  We sure do.



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