The Importance of Saving Your Marketing Statistics

Digital Marketing StatisticsAs digital marketing gurus, we typically consider our area of expertise to be more of an art than a science. We use creative strategies and interesting topics to gain the interest of the masses, and at Spry we love what we do! We get to communicate the messages of our clients to people all over the country, bringing businesses and people together!

That said, within the art of digital marketing, there are many tracking and analytical tools available allowing us a scientific approach when measuring how our efforts are performing. At Spry, we love this because we really like to know that our marketing campaigns are actually doing what we say they will do!

It is true that marketing accomplishments can be a hard thing to measure, but beginning with a baseline and creating clear goals allows the ability to track success over time. Here are just a few ways that collecting and saving your stats can help you track how you are performing over both the short term and long term:

  • You can determine the number of leads you have achieved in the previous quarter
  • You can see how many page views you have received
  • You can see the bounce rate and open rate of emails
  • You can learn about the click-through rate and the unsubscribe rate
  • You can find out how wide your posts’ reach is and the levels of engagement
  • You can determine the number of shares and likes a post has received

The measurements that you choose to track and save will ultimately depend on the product or service you are advertising, along with the specific goals you have set.

Success in digital marketing truly takes a great deal of hard work and grit. That said, once you begin to see a nice increase in leads from your marketing campaigns, you will see the impact of what you are doing and be able to track those long-term correlations.

For expert help in designing and tracking your social media campaigns, contact your digital marketing ninjas at Spry today!

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