Social Media that is Just Right

We can empower you to run your own social media, or we can help you manage it. 

Either way, you will be confident that your social media efforts are moving you in the direction of your business goals.

How Would You Like to Work Together?

Which Option is Right for You?

You can spend your (or your team’s) valuable time searching things on Google trying to figure out what works on social media, or we can help get you where you want to go — faster.

How We Help

Social Media
Consulting and Audits

You’ve got someone managing your social media in-house, but you want to empower them with strategic guidance and expert training. We offer one-on-one training or customized group training options. We also offer audits to help create a strategic plan to execute moving forward. 

Social Media Management

You know you need a better, more consistent social media presence, but you don’t have the bandwidth to do it right now.  We offer fully managed social media services for companies who want to rely on the experts to just get it done without much time or effort from their staff.


The SprySpace Community

There is so much to learn in the changing digital space. Sprytes have all kinds of digital wisdom to share that will help you build vibrant online communities. Whether you are a “learning in your pajamas” kind of person or a “need to see people in real life” kind of person we have magical learning things just for you.

In My PJs

Podcasts, Blogs & Webinars

Podcasts, webinars, and blog posts on the go
Spry Training in Session

In Real Life

Social media is a learned skill. Aimed at beginners, our college classes help you upgrade your confidence, find your voice, and learn how to craft your strategy and content for your own social media.

(Normally these are in real life, but right now they’re on Zoom.)