Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Your Social Media Management

Graphic- Pros & Cons of Outsourcing Social Media ManagementGreat businesses have a stable brand identity that is expressed across many platforms to attain brand health and market legitimacy over time.

One way businesses can establish their brand identity is through social media.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn; all of these outlets provide a direct connection between businesses and their customers, clients, and partners.

Question: How do you take advantage of social media?

Answer: Use it!

Many businesses don’t have time or capital to invest in an internal employee responsible for their social media management, yet they have concerns about outsourcing it to a digital marketing company as well.  This leaves them paralyzed and incapable of making a decision on how to move forward.

Spry has a cure for social media decision making paralysis… it’s called EDUCATION!  

Let’s sit down together now and talk about the pros and cons of outsourcing your social media management.  At least then you’ll be able to make a choice about what’s best for your business and your long-term brand health.

PROS: All those in favor of outsourcing social media management say aye?!

  • Modern Mentality: Digital marketing companies stay up to date on social media platform best practices, platform advancements, and what’s trending.  If you want to appear up-to-date to your target demographic, outsourcing your social media may be a good choice.
  • Consistent Completion: An outside agency will be responsible for a specific number of posts to complete each week and will deliver these posts without fail because their business depends on them being prompt and following through with promises.  If you want to make sure your business appears consistent, outsourcing social media may be beneficial.
  • Strategic Style: Outside agencies create a content implementation strategy that stays “on brand” and keeps you moving towards your long-term business goals.

CONS: All those against outsourcing social media management say aye?!

  • Personal Posts: Sometimes outside agencies miss the mark on representing the more HUMAN side of businesses in their social media posts.  This can be addressed by the agency spending time getting to know and falling in love with the business and its employees.  If the personal side of the business is EXTREMELY important to your brand, outsourcing social media management may not be the best choice for you.
  • On The Fly: When you outsource social media management, you run the risk of missing out on the opportunity to post quickly when something interesting comes up.  Sometimes these on-the-fly posts can add character and spontaneity to your social media content, but sometimes they can also take the channels off brand and veer away from the overarching marketing goals for the business.
  • Count the Cost: Many businesses find social media management services expensive.  Paying an outside company to represent your business online may not be an option for you if you have a very limited marketing budget.  When you enlist a digital marketing agency, you’re not just paying for their time, you’re also paying for their expertise, their scheduling software, and their continuing education.

Why Spry?

If you choose to consider an outside digital marketing company to manage your social media, Spry could be a good option for you.

  • We are committed to internal education on best practices and current and future trending platforms.
  • We utilize state-of-the-art software systems to schedule posts and ensure timely content delivered consistently week after week after week.
  • Overarching marketing strategy is our forte.
  • More than anything, we love PEOPLE. So regardless of the industry, we promise to get to know YOU and what’s important to you and the people that work with you.

Interested in learning more?  Contact us today by emailing us at [email protected], or call us with questions at 360-901-1684.  Lacey Faught, our Lead Digital Marketing Educator will answer, and will start to fall in love with you and your business right away.

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