Guidelines for Emoji Use and Correct Emoji Grammar

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Guidelines for Correct Emoji Use and Grammar

Emojis. It’s 2019. We all know what an emoji is. Those cute little faces 😊 and graphics ✌ that we use to help insert emotion into a sometimes difficult medium: written text 📄.

They’re also an emerging communication tool for social media. But, when using emojis in a professional manner, like the representation of your business, you need to be careful how you use them so you don’t lose face.

The use of emojis in social media

Explaining Emotion: This is a no-brainer 🧠

Using emojis to convey emotion is second-nature to most teens and many adults, especially those connected to the technology world through social media. We use smiley face emojis 🙂 to convey happiness, an angry face 👿 to show anger or displeasure, a sad face 😢 if we’re sad. You get the picture.

It’s also interesting to note that, depending on what device you’re using for your writing, there are many different emoji options available- some are very basic, and some much more elaborate.

Using Emojis to Reinforce your Point of View

We can also use an emoji to back up what we’re trying to say or to stress the importance ❗ of a specific opinion or statement.

Using Emojis to Separate Statements

⭐You could use emojis as bullet points to draw attention to your content.

⭐And link together similar topics.

⭐Or draw the eye to your list.

Emojis to Avoid in the Professional World

Some emojis have garnered a secondary meaning, especially with the younger crowd, which could bring embarrassment and unexpected consequences for your brand.

For example, maybe you’re a doctor writing a post about eating healthy for better overall health. You wouldn’t want to use the eggplant emoji 🍆 or the peach emoji 🍑 as these hold sexual connotation. Similarly, you want to avoid the taco emoji 🌮 – you can guess what that one’s slang for, right? 😉

You also want to be socially aware and refrain from using just one skin tone 👥 or gender 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♂️ in your posts.

Guidelines for using Emojis as Punctuation

Sometimes, you’ll want to use emojis in place of punctuation. Of course, this is easy when the emoji you choose is a punctuation mark❗❓

In most of your writing with emojis, the emoji should be input mid-sentence right where it applies, or at the end of the sentence or paragraph, after the punctuation mark.

Occasionally, you might use an emoji completely in place of a word. See a few examples below:

  • “Check out the 🌙 right now!”
  • “I ❤ you!”
  • “Happy Birthday! I hope you get to enjoy some 🎂🍨🎁 today!”

Business Social Media Posting: Dos and Don’ts


  • Use emojis in every post
  • Use them in comments and replies


  • Use more than 3 emojis in any post
  • Use ONLY emojis to reply to somebody’s comment

Do you have any questions for us about emoji use in a professional social media context? We’d love to chat with you on this topic! Send us a message on social media at @thinkspry    -Cheers! 🥂

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