Spry Inspires and Gets Inspired By the Lewis County Business Week

As many of you may know, last month our very own Nicole Sampson volunteered to be part of an amazing program working with nearly 500 high school students in Lewis County. The Lewis County Business Week program spanned an entire week and grouped the young adults into 23 teams of 15-20 students each and paired them with local business leaders, including Nicole, who would become their mentors to help teach the Lewis County Business Week curriculum. In a week of a simulated ‘corporate’ environment teaching, the students learned business, team-building, leadership, and life skills.

One of the goals of the program is to teach young adults that the business world has many different facets and can hold endless possibilities for these bright young minds. Nicole helped instill enthusiasm into the students on her team by showing them that a career in the business field doesn’t have to be boring. You can be as creative as you’d like and really thrive in the business world.

The teams were tasked with creating a business of their own and building their brand, creating a commercial and designing business cards, holding a stock holder’s presentation, and took part in a trade show presentation with judges that viewed each business and awarded their votes through cash investments.

“It was much more powerful than I anticipated.” -Nicole Sampson

When we asked Nicole about her favorite part of Business Week, she spoke a lot about the adaptability of the students and how they really looked at their different tasks with an open mind. She enjoyed speaking with her team of kids and loved to watch as they gained an amazing amount of business strategy expertise in just 5 short days. The sheer creativity of the students was admirable to witness and she stated that the kids made her really remember what it was like to feel that there were no boundaries to what they could achieve.

Nicole spoke about how being in a leadership role for the students really brought to perspective what it meant to be a business leader, to be a mentor, to be a woman as a successful business leader in today’s world. The experience was deeply moving for Nicole and she learned a great deal from the students just as they learned from her.

Spry Digital Marketing Agility is honored to have had this opportunity to share our love of the community with the up and coming next generation. We’re not just here to help businesses with their websites, or their SEO, or their social media management. We’re here to build up our community and create a better world for all of us living in it. Business Week was part of that and created a lasting impression on all of us as we learned lessons that we’ll carry through in our business and personal lives.

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