Instagram Stories – The Possibilities of Polling

So I’m relaxing one evening scrolling through Instagram and clicking through Instagram stories, when I find something new.

One of my favorite channels ( @indieandharper ) presented an Instagram story with… what is that… a POLL?!

They asked me which color ring I preferred, and a little note popped up saying, “Touch to vote.  @indyandharper will see your response.”

So I did!

And then another surprise happened when I voted.  Instagram showed me the percentage of people that voted for each option.


My mind immediately started conceiving ways to use Instagram Stories Poll Stickers for Spry and for all of our partners.

Imagine this:

You have a new product to launch.  Before you decide on color, flavor, configuration, etc, you run a series of Instagram Story campaigns gathering peoples’ opinions.

You get customer feedback.  Immediately.


Imagine this:

You’re planning an event you’ll be inviting your customers to.  You have two dates that will work.  You create a poll presenting both potential dates.  You make your decision based on ACTUAL feedback you get INSTANTLY.


Imagine this:

You have a restaurant.  You want to decide what to put on your seasonal “specials” menu.  You create a poll series with a “this vs that” tone to it.  Now, you have real people giving you REAL DATA about the decisions you’re trying to make to bring more people in.  Additionally, you’re tantalizing people with upcoming offers they are now invested in getting on the menu.


Priceless.  Simple.  Engaging.

Instagram Stories Poll Stickers.  What are you going to do with them?

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