Corporate Social Media Training

DeWils Custom Cabinetry: Consulting & Training

DeWils is a cabinet manufacturing company. Ultimately, they want to sell more of their products. Their products, however, are sold through their dealers who have showrooms across the country. They know social media is a good way for showrooms to connect with their local audiences, so they asked Spry to put on a social media training for all their dealers at an upcoming convention in Las Vegas. 

Strategies We Used

Content Strategy Meeting: We asked DeWils more about what they ultimately wanted to accomplish with their training, who would be in attendance, and what the setting of the presentation would be like.

Content Outline: Spry presented an outline showing the flow of the presentation, and made sure both parties were on the same page about what information would be transmitted to the audience.

Webinars: Spry hosted two pre-conference webinars in order to get the dealers excited about the in-person training, and also establish a rapport with them before we all met in Vegas for the conference and training. During the webinars we presented an abridged version of the content and asked questions to help us understand the specific needs of the dealers as well.

Conference Training: When everyone met in Las Vegas, Spry came prepared with a PowerPoint presentation, as well as a jump drive to hand out to all attendees with the presentation and other supplemental information which would be of use to them. We presented the information twice throughout the day to the dealers and others who walked by and showed interest in the content.


After the training, the dealers all expressed gratitude for the great information:

“I’ve gone to lots of trainings before,” one said, “this is the first time I’ve walked away actually feeling like I knew what I needed to do and how to do it.”

Carey Sawada, Director of Dealer Development, said, “Our Las Vegas presentation was great. Everyone enjoyed it and picked up a lot of useful  information.”

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