We are passionate about engaged, healthy communities both online and off! 

What We Provide

Community Service We are digital marketers by trade, and we are a little bit obsessed with the internet! We also know that with all the amazing things the internet provides, there is another side to it: the internet and online networks can be difficult to master, and sometimes can be scary places. That’s why, as part of our mission of growing engaged online communities for our clients, we also wanted to extend our talents to the community at large by bringing digital safety and skills training to schools and retirement centers!

Guidelines for a Healthy Digital Life (4th-6th grades)

Social Media for Seniors


Our trainings are tailored to the age-group that we are visiting, but we always cover basic functionality of social networks: how to adjust privacy settings, posting, sharing, and more! We are open to the most basic questions around Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest – and more! 

Setting Boundaries

It is hard to know which settings to adjust if you don’t know how you want to show up online. We cover boundary – setting and why that is important for being an online citizen. We also have insight into digital companies and what kinds of information they access from their users and why. 

A Productive Relationship

Again – we love the internet! We cover several ways to have a healthy, and productive relationship with technology. Our trainings offer ideas for parents and educators on how to talk to kids about their online habits.

Digital Volunteers

Are you interested? We set aside a certain number of hours every quarter to visit schools and retirement centers as a free community service. If you are a community organizer and would like us to come visit, please send us a message! We love new friends!


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