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Guidelines for a Healthy Digital Life

“Guidelines for a Healthy Digital Life” is a 45 min to 1-hour interactive assembly that helps students recognize both short and long term affects of social media and online usage.

We present a collection of their own data and statistics to help them understand their exposure and usage in an effort to guide them in setting boundaries for themselves that will set them up for current and future success. Social media can get a bad wrap, but we think it can be a beautiful thing when done right and in moderation.

Social Media for Seniors

 As the world turns more and more to digital communication, we think its critically important for our parents and grandparents to have a fair shot at keeping up and feeling included in our daily lives. In this presentation we cover a few simple, but important topics. 
  • We’ll go over the three major channels (Facebook, Instagram & Twitter); what they are good for and what makes them different from one another.
     heavily focus on Facebook, as this is the pioneer channel with the most users, and where their families likely share their daily life the most.
  • We’ll talk about how commenting and instant messages work. We go over the differences and who can see what. 
    Ads and “reposting” can be tricky. We want Grandma and Grandpa to know how you can recognize if marketers are phishing, so they take a second before engaging with certain brands and stay clear of spammy content.
  • Privacy settings are naturally, very important. We talk in-depth about what they mean and how to stay safe.


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