Social Media Management

State Farm Insurance Agent Jeremiah Stephen

Jeremiah and Camie Stephen came to Spry with a request: They needed to grow their awareness and engagement in the local area.  They recently moved from Alaska and took over an established State Farm office.  Many of the clientele from the established office were older, so they wanted to expand their potential audience and customer base using social media marketing.

Strategies We Used

Persona Meeting: We use this meeting to get clear on who we are trying to target with our social media marketing.  We identify their ideal client and dive into their psychology and motivations to ensure we are able to speak to them in a relatable way through our marketing efforts.

Brand Tone Identification: We identify the adjectives that best describe the brand to make sure our content is consistent with the tone people will experience when they actually come in and meet with Jeremiah or the rest of his staff.

Content Planning Meetings: Once per quarter we meet to plan campaigns that will run for the next three months or so.  Coming up with these overarching campaigns keeps our content structured and organized and working towards Jeremiah and Camie’s goals.  

Brand Photoshoots: Once per quarter we plan and execute a brand photoshoot with a professional photographer in order to build up a stock of authentic brand photography to use throughout their marketing efforts.  These photoshoots are planned to go along with the campaigns we develop in the content planning meetings.  

Facebook Posts and Ads: We posted to their Facebook page about three times per week and boosted the posts towards our targeted audience.  

Presence Management: We inspired and engaged in continued conversations with Followers within the comments section of the posts.  


Increased Facebook Followers by 117% in 5 months.

Reached 70,000 people with our content over five months.

Received nearly 20,000 engagements over five months with our content.


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