Boss Products: Website Development

Boss Products came to us with a website that was not up to their standards – they wanted a website that would feature their niche fire suppression products in a well-designed website that took into consideration the extensive product documentation for specialized systems. We created a website that had easy-to-use navigation, clean design, and presented the products with all of their documentation that is not too overwhelming to the viewer.

Strategies We Used

Spry Web Design: We met extensively with our client to fully understand what they needed out of a new website, and collaborated with them on custom illustrations, branding, functionality, and development.

Content Strategy: We employed a method of categorization and user experience research to organize the products and actionable pages so that the content flow made sense to Boss’ audience.

Extensive QA: This website had highly technical information on it, which required a detailed eye to check and ensure all products were accurately represented.


A cleaner, more responsive website that only has information on it that Boss’ audience needs – giving them a better user experience!

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